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The Basics of Collagen

Type I? Type II? Marine? Bovine? Powder? Capsule? Are you deciding which form of collagen to take or taking part in a spherical of go-fish? With the multitude of collagen merchandise on the market, it’s simple to get bogged down within the semantics not realizing which collagen is best for you or what collagen even is. Fear no longer! We’re breaking down the fundamentals of the differing kinds and resources of collagen to help you perceive the science.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that acts as the main structural part of connective tissue inside the human body. Normal enlargement and development are depending on the correct formation of collagen.

Characterization of Collagen

Collagen is characterized by way of a specific collection of amino acids. Every type of collagen has glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline in the series, then again, the remainder of the series can include an array of additional amino acids. To date, 29 several types of collagens had been recognized.1 The hottest kinds of collagen are Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV. Type I, II, and III are fibril-forming collagens, they permit the shape and type of tissues to be outlined and maintained.1 Type I collagen is the most considerable and main collagen of bone, tendons, skin, and ligaments. Type II collagen accounts for 80% of cartilage, cartilage is the bendable subject matter found in joints, bone, spine, ears, lungs, and nostril.1 Type III collagen happens with Type I principally in the elastic tissues, which is the connective tissue of the epidermis of the skin or the center portion of the outside, lung and blood vessels.1 Type IV collagen is a network forming collagen, this collagen bureaucracy a network within the basement membrane of the skin or the skinny layer between the dermis (center portion of the surface) and dermis (the outer portion of the skin).

Collagen Sources

Since collagen is a structural component of connective tissue, it is just present in animals. Collagen is principally sourced from bovine (Type I and III), chicken cartilage (Type II), or from marine assets akin to fish scales or skin (Type I). Marine collagen is continuously touted as being the superior collagen due to its enhanced bioavailability.

Due to the other purposes of the kinds of collagen throughout the body, it's believable to believe supplementing with one sort or type of collagen would possibly produce better well being advantages. However, the analysis is unclear referring to whether or not one form of collagen is healthier than another.

The Benefits of collagen

The frame’s collagen naturally declines with age. As the formation of collagen is diminished the surface loses its power and elasticity resulting within the appearance of good strains and wrinkles and the surface might develop into drier and thinner. Other components contributing to the loss of collagen include publicity to sunlight, smoking, air pollution, alcohol abuse and nutrient deficiencies. Supplementing with collagen might assist to struggle the natural growing old and degradation means of collagen. Several clinical research have been finished showing improved skin elasticity, reduced signs of growing old, and total pores and skin health with collagen supplementation.

Another potential benefit of collagen supplementation is joint well being. It is hypothesized collagen supplements would possibly give protection to towards the onset of joint ache by the use of T cellular law to the world of irritation or damage. T cells control or suppress different cells throughout the immune device.four The proposed mechanism is that T regulatory cells produce anti inflammatory signaling proteins that stimulate bone-building cells to provide cartilage. You can recall to mind this mechanism like dominos, one motion stimulates the action of every other motion.


If you might be in search of a little bit further strengthen within the pores and skin or joint division, collagen would possibly a good choice for you to try. However, more research is needed to resolve the precise mechanism of action collagen supplementation has within the human body. Additionally, it’s difficult to resolve where exactly the collagen you complement with shall be used within the frame. While it might be improbable to take collagen specifically for skin health, the body has a way of prioritizing its wishes. Once ingested and absorbed collagen might change into part of the frame’s amino acid pool and be used at the body’s discretion.